Pacific Apex Consulting, LLC (PAC) offers solutions-based business and compliance consulting services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers and practices, regulators, and insurance companies nationwide. Our team of consultants includes:

  • Attorneys from Pacific Apex Law Group, LLP

  • Business Executives

  • Healthcare Administrators

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Pharmacists

  • Compliance Professionals

  • Organizational Development and Leadership (OD&L) Professionals

  • Fraud Investigators

  • Billing and Coding Specialists

  • Planning and Zoning Experts

  • Policy Experts

  • Dispute Resolution Professionals

PAC has a proven track record of results. We have successfully assisted clients in:

  • Forming and operating new businesses such as healthcare practices and hospitals;

  • Establishing annual budgets, strategic plans, and staffing plans;

  • Navigating FDA regulations for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and device compliance and approval;

  • Assisting in the development of study protocols for institutional review boards;

  • Performing compliance reviews including risk analysis and regulatory compliance implementation;

  • Establishing safe, effective and compliant business policies, practices, processes and procedures;

  • Workplace facilitation, such as difficult conversations between employees and employers, used by many businesses to increase productivity, resolve conflict, improve teamwork, and more;

  • Training staff in negotiation, effective communication, and advocacy skills;

  • Completing market analyses;

  • Performing market regulation reviews;

  • Designing employee benefits packages;

  • Designing insurance benefits or products;

  • Identifying cost savings and other revenue opportunities;

  • Negotiating provider reimbursement contracts;

  • Negotiating vendor contracts;

  • Completing statutory research and analysis of current insurance industry landscape;

  • Monitoring and analyzing legislative initiatives and action within the insurance and healthcare industries; and

  • Developing public policy.

The PAC team includes results-driven and forward-thinking consultants. We work efficiently and collaboratively to provide the optimal client experience, including tangible solutions and results. PAC consultants truly believe that our clients deserve the best of our talent. We are there for clients during exciting moments like business formation, growth and expansion, but also during challenging moments like audit, impasse or crisis.

If you are looking for hands-on and experienced business and compliance consultants, then please contact Pacific Apex Consulting at (802) 846-7343 or

Telephone: (802) 846-7343

Fax: (509) 315-2229